Strategic Investment. Focused Management. Optimized Returns.

Tilden Properties is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of our investors and capital partners from a unique platform dedicated to creating value through strategic multifamily real estate investment.

  • Tom Mulvaney, Investor
    "The team at Tilden acts quickly to take advantage of opportunities. I like that they are aggressive at going after properties but also committed to their criteria and conservative in their pro forma estimates."
    Tom Mulvaney, Investor
  • Doug Federighi, Investor
    "They do not waiver from their strategy. They are looking for properties that are under-managed – not too old, but room for improving them. They don't compromise on this approach and it has paid off."
    Doug Federighi, Investor
  • Phil Saglimbeni, Commercial Real Estate Broker
    "Points about Tilden that set them apart: integrity, transparency, and their ability to get deals done without a lot of brain damage."
    Phil Saglimbeni, Commercial Real Estate Broker
  • Ric Russel, Commercial Real Estate Broker
    "I trust Tilden to make an honest and quick decision. Because working with them means I am dealing with a decision maker, they can act decisively. They even get back to me when they’re not interested in a property, which demonstrates how they like to do business. They show respect for me and my time."
    Ric Russel, Commercial Real Estate Broker

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